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Rumor Mill

Okay, I’ll admit it, I listen to gossip. Not your garden-variety office stuff, but online gossip. Or rumors, if there’s a distinct difference. All this week on blogs such as Cult of Mac and Gizmodo that Apple was going to release OS X Lion as well as new MacBook Airs and Mac minis today. There wasn’t official word from Apple about this, but “people in the know” were convinced that they’d be released today. Some of the rumors even got fairly specific by saying that Lion would be released at 1am GMT in England. Why there? Got me. But the “informed sources” said so, so what happened? I know I was checking last night, but nothing happened.

Well, after today (for the most part) came and went, so now it’s being “reported” that the Airs and Lion will hit next week or the week after. Honestly, nothing surprising there. Apple said Lion would drop in July. At some point, someone will be right. Broken clock right twice a day and all that.

I’m not sure I understand the mystery about when Lion is going to be available on the App Store. Are they giving a “July” deadline to just give them wiggle room if it’s not ready? Or is it so that blogs (yes, mine included) just speculate away as to when it’s going to happen and Apple gets more press? Possibly some other reason or any combination of the previous?

In a way, it’s sort of fun. I like new tech (see my Sidetrack post) but I’m not usually the first in line for it. But this time, Apple got me very interested in Lion and I’ll probably be downloading it the first day it’s out if the App Store doesn’t melt the first day. Whichever day that might be.









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