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“Go and make interesting mistakes, make amazing mistakes, make glorious and fantastic mistakes. Break rules. Leave the world more interesting for your being here.”

Neil Gaiman

A Change in Direction

If you look at my last post, you’ll probably get why I picked that title. I had been posting about tech, tips, tutorials and whatnot. That last post I mentioned was a long time ago. It’s not that I’m not interested in tech or learning new methods of doing my work (I am and who wouldn’t be interested in doing their job better/faster?) but being honest with myself, I found that it didn’t hold a whole lot of interest for me. Other people would focus on one or the other of those topics, and they would do it better. And since this is my webpage, with my name on it, I figured I write about something that does hold my attention: cooking.

Right, yes, I know. Pretty big spectrum swing. Cooking and learning to cook: been around as much as 1.9 million years. Tech: if you aren’t writing about what is coming out next year, you aren’t going to get the attention or hits. I don’t have any ins on what is going on or coming up in tech. So, I would basically have to write what other already had and change it up so that it was my own, and that wasn’t fun; it was a chore.

So, I want to try writing about something that isn’t my day job. I’m no expert at cooking; I’m barely a novice. I only cook at home for three people. But I have found equal value in blogs and recipe sites created by chefs in 5-star restaurants and those who are just passing along their grandmother’s family recipes. If you found your way here because you were looking for some of the work I’ve done in my day job, head over to the portfolio tab. Everything you need is there (though my resume is under the About tab). If you find yourself interested in my next posts about what I’m making in the kitchen as opposed to Photoshop, stick around here. I’ll be making a wild yeast sourdough bread to start with. I hope you follow along. A journey like this is always better with friends.

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